Use case:

How to streamline medical advisory

Securing capacity and availability

Medical assessment is essential for handling personal injury claims. To make accurate decisions and give your claimants fair evaluations, you need several medical advisors from every medical discipline. Having general practitioners cover cases from different disciplines will decrease the assessment quality and lead to over- and underpayments.

An extensive network is critical for accurate claims management, but it also comes with some challenges. Lifecycle management of hundreds of contractors, including recruiting, onboarding, follow-up, and compensation, can be overwhelming. On top of that, one must make sure that specialists from every discipline are available at all times.

Many claims management systems lack the capabilities to manage Medical Advisor Networks effectively, and the Medical Network Manager relies on excel files or simple contact management systems.

The Solution

Mavera DSS creates complete control and overview of capacity and availability, regardless of the size of the network. New advisors are simply invited to the system, where they can manage their profiles and update their availability. That way, the Medical Network Manager is always on top and knows what specialist areas are available at any given time.

The system also handles time reporting and provides insights to follow up on the Medical Advisors’ performance.

  • Full control
    Providing a better overview of the available Medical advisors.

  • Streamlined lifecycle management
    Simplified onboarding, follow-up, and compensation of medical advisors.

  • Time savings
    Less time spent on administrative tasks.

Success story

All medical advisors in one system

Insurers sometimes access medical advisors from multiple networks; the company can employ some while an external provider organizes others. Having various systems for managing the networks and communication with the Medical Advisors makes the overview and follow-up complicated.

Mavera DSS enables insurers to gather all medical advisors in one system. It streamlines the process, making it clear and giving you complete control.

  • Profile 
    Large Norwegian insurance company.

  • Challenge
    They used both internal and external medical advisors and had different processes for each network, making it impossible to get a good overview and effective follow-up.

  • Solution
    Gathering all medical advisors and streamlining the communication with Mavera DSS.

  • Result
    Complete control of the availability and performance of the medical advisors.