Streamline claims handling. Improve your business.

While claims are a significant cost driver, it’s also an opportunity for a great customer experience. Getting the right tech to the right roles helps your insurance company meet its goals. Learn what leading European insurance companies have accomplished with Mavera.

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Streamline claims handling. Improve your business​

Mavera combines advanced AI technology with knowledge to streamline insurance claims decisions. This makes the whole process more accurate, efficient, and compliant.

While claims are a significant cost driver, it’s also an opportunity for great customer experience. Getting the right tech to the right roles helps your insurance company meet its goals. Learn what leading European insurance companies have accomplished with Mavera.

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Customer cases

For many insurers, claims are the largest cost driver. It’s also when their customers evaluate the service they’re getting. Improvements in this process will have a significant impact on cost and customer satisfaction

“Since using Mavera DSS, we have cut the average number of case touches by 50%. Shorter handling times, more satisfied customers, and internal efficiency gains make it an obvious triple win.”

Oskar Norman, Claims Manager
Sensor Försäkring


Work at the insurtech company mavera
Customer case 01

Decision support for health insurance

In health insurance, a big challenge is validating the necessity of treatments suggested by private caregivers. Some caregivers recommend surgery instead of alternatives, such as rehabilitation or physiotherapy. This leads to high costs for the insurer and could expose the patient to unnecessary risk.

To help the insurer decide on what treatments to approve, Mavera has developed an AI system that helps detect suggested treatments that may not be medically motivated. The insurer can then investigate the case further and ask for a second opinion from a medical advisor.

Customer profile

Large Swedish insurance company


The customer suspected that they approved too many unmotivated medical treatments.


AI-based detections of suspected not medically motivated treatments and automatic assignment to medical advisors for a second opinion.


Yearly savings of 1,9M€ and higher customer engagement.

“It feels safe and valuable to have Mavera’s support as I make my decisions to the claimant. They support us in making well-informed and secure decisions.”

Hanna Christoffersen, Claims Adjuster
ICA Försäkringar

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Customer case 02

Investigation of long-term disability

One of the most complex tasks in personal injury claims is determining the long-term disability caused by an injury. Together with some of Europe’s leading insurance companies, we have developed a custom solution that support accurate disability decisions.

The system enables Claims Handlers to securely upload claims documentation and automatically assign it to the most suitable Medical Advisor. As the process, materials and questions are streamlined, the Medical Advisor can make their assessments with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Customer profile

Medium sized Danish insurance company.


Streamline medical advisory and improve decision accuracy.


Mavera DSS for secure and effective communication with medical advisors.


2% reduced claims costs meaning a yearly saving of several million euros.

“We chose Mavera as their solution automates our processes and enables us to make more transparent decisions. The system will also help us get more insights into the claims process which helps us improve performance management.”

Berit Hindhede, Claims Manager
Vestjylland Forsikring


Berit Hindhede, Claims Manager, Vestjylland Forsikring
Customer case 03

All medical advisors in one system

Insurers sometimes access medical advisors from multiple networks; the company can employ some while an external provider organizes others. Having various systems for managing the networks and communication with the Medical Advisors makes the overview and follow-up complicated.

Mavera DSS enables insurers to gather all medical advisors in one system. It streamlines the process, making it clear and giving you complete control.

Customer profile

Large Norwegian insurance company.


They used both internal and external medical advisors and had different processes for each network, making it impossible to get a good overview and effective follow-up.


Gathering all medical advisors and streamlining the communication with Mavera DSS.


Complete control of the availability and performance of the medical advisors.

”For us, the key benefits of Mavera are the user-friendly system and the variety of medical advisors in the network. Access to specialists makes our claims handling more accurate and goes in line with our desire to give our customers the best care and as fast as possible.”

Olof Svensson, Claims Manager
Euro Accident


Mavera - insurtech-company
Customer case 04

A secure and compliant process

Handling personal injury claims means handling extremely sensitive information. One lost computer with a medical journal locally saved could put your customer’s security and, consequently, your company’s future in danger. To prevent that, strict laws regulate how data must be handled.

As the industry matures digitally, insurers struggle to find efficient and compliant processes. Printed documents, workarounds, and emails can now break the law, and the fines can be enormous.

Mavera DSS creates a secure and compliant workbench for claim evaluation and communication with external stakeholders.

Customer profile

Large Swedish insurance company.


Updating a process that was not GDPR compliant.


Integrating Mavera DSS to the core system for secure and complaint personal injury claims decisions.


Increased security and avoiding the risk of having to pay millions of euros in fines.

“Mavera DSS makes our claims management much more effective, which is valued by our customers, colleagues, and management.”

Helena Ottosson, Claims Manager


Länsförsäkringar Helena Ottosson Claims Manager

The road to claims excellence

Our customers experience a wide range of benefits from implementing our solution. Here are just a few ways you can make ROI using Mavera DSS.

Reduced LAE costs

Mavera DSS automates some of the most tedious parts of the claims process resulting in an improved average time per claim.

Reduced claims payout costs

Using Mavera DSS you can reduce overpayments by improving the accuracy of the personal injury claims decisions.

Increased customer satisfaction

Your customers want to understand how their personal injury claims are processed. They want to feel seen and confident that the decisions are accurate. Mavera DSS automates manual steps of the claims process, freeing more time for the claims handlers to focus on the customers.

Reduced litigation costs

Litigations are expensive and harmful to the customer experience. Mavera DSS reduces litigation costs by improving claims accuracy and also provides a transparent and informed decision record.

Things our customers say about us

It’s secure with no risk that sensitive documents can fall into the wrong hands

I save at least 8-10 hours of work each week

Claims management in our company is more effective because of Mavera DSS

Mavera’s customer service is so helpful because it’s solution oriented

I remember a time when I had to send requests to medical advisors through the mail and have the assessments returned handwritten by the doctor. Mavera is a dream compared to that

The assessments are so good that making claimant rejections is now much easier and has led to fewer litigations

*The quotes were collected anonymously in customer surveys 2020-2021.


NPS 73

We are proud holders of an excellent NPS score. The industry benchmark for B2B Service Providers in insurance is 42.

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