To be honest, personal claims management is not always the insurance companies’ highest priority. We meet many insurance companies where the personal claims adjusters still work with piles of papers, scanners, post-send-outs, and huge excel charts.

When the management talks about the importance of digitalization, it is often other departments they have in mind. A digital and frictionless flow to sign up new customers or high-volume products like broken smartphones has often easier to get a part of IT-departments’ limited recourses.

In a survey with Swedish claims adjustors, they were asked to state the most important topics for future personal claims management; the three top answers were digitalization, transparency, and the customer journey. So, we believe that they are aware of the problem but lack the tools to solve it.

So how can personal claims management gain from digitalization? With a modern decision support system (DSS), they will be able to:

  • Collect information
  • Overview the case and extract key information
  • Get data-driven assistance and predictions
  • Independent medical assessments
  • Valuable insights and statistics

This will make the work more efficient, improve the customer journey, and minimizing the risks for mistakes or GDPR leaks.

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