What is Mavera DSS?

A cloud-based platform tailored for personal injury claims

Process automation

Accelerating claim handling by eliminating time-consuming manual steps.

Decision support

Strengthen your claims handlers with AI-powered recommendations and medical expertise for more accurate decisions.

Business insights

Extracting claims data into valuable insights, driving strategic and profitable business decisions.

Extending your core system

Mavera DSS seamlessly integrates your core system and provides additional capabilities for claims management and business insights.

Claims management

Streamline your claims process. Simplify and speed up your claims handling, reducing turnaround times and improving customer satisfaction.

Assessment support

Let AI create an overview of your medical documents, aiding in quicker and more accurate assessments.

Medical network management

Optimize your medical assessment process. Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical assessments, ensuring reliable and consistent outcomes.

Performance management

Get insights for strategic business decisions. Utilize data-driven insights to inform strategic planning and performance improvement.

mavera stefan

Keeping the human touch

We understand the sensitivity required in personal injury claims. Mavera DSS is not a replacement for the claims handler’s empathy and expertise—it’s a tool that enhances it. By removing repetitive tasks, it allows for more meaningful interaction with claimants, ensuring they feel heard and valued.

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Collecting data for constant improvements

Mavera DSS helps you collect structured data from every claim and understand it. Presented in dashboards and reports, it enables you to improve your business, process, and team. The data is also used to improve the AI algorithms and decision support.

mavera iso 27001

Uncompromising security

Your data’s integrity is our priority. We ensure unparalleled protection for your and your customers’ sensitive information. It’s safeguarded through rigorous encryption and stringent security protocols, aligning with our ISO 27001 certification.

Ensuring GDPR-compliant operations

Mavera DSS is designed to ensure your workflows and data collection processes are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. It secures your operations against non-compliance risks and reinforces your commitment to respecting and protecting your customers’ data privacy.

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How Mavera DSS strengthens the claims handlers' capabilities

Let's look at how Mavera Decision Support System (DSS) can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of personal injury claims handlers.

How AI will make "simple" claims even simpler

Many insurers across Europe use the skills and experience of their claims handlers to settle simpler claims themselves, without the involvement of medical experts. This is what we call “desktop assessments”. And in many markets, this kind of evaluations are on the rise. Why?

Maximizing efficiency in claims with intelligent document processing

Evaluating personal injury claims can be complex and time-consuming, particularly when they come with hundreds of pages of medical records the claims handler must read to understand the details of a case. This is where IDP technology comes in.