A new era of claims management

Mavera DSS Premium Edition

Claims data holds immense value for insurers, allowing them to streamline claim settlements and gain deeper customer insights. However, harnessing this data at scale has been a challenge for many insurers - until now.

Introducing Mavera DSS Premium Edition, marking a significant leap forward in claims management. It includes advanced AI algorithms that semantically extract claims data, unlocking three game-changing features.

Unleashing the power of AI

In this video, our CPO Johan Larsson demonstrates the exciting new features.

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Augmented case view

3x faster overview

Augmented case view

Experience a structured overview of the claim like never before. The augmented case view presents a timeline of all events extracted from medical records, allowing claims handlers and medical advisors to read up on a case three times faster and significantly reduce errors.

Mavera desktop assessments

Reduced assessment time by 30%

Desktop assessment support

Say goodbye to lengthy assessment times. Our new desktop assessment support reduces the assessment time by over 30%, empowering insurers to perform more accurate desktop assessments. This feature enables claims handlers to understand injuries better and minimizes the need for external medical assessments.

mavera business insights

Improve your processes and products

Data collection & business insights

By structuring a wealth of claims data, we open up a world of unique insights about your business and customers. Discover trends, patterns, and invaluable information that can drive informed decisions and propel your organization forward.

User interface upgrades

Experience an enhanced user interface that delivers a cleaner and more innovative design, elevating your overall user experience.

Improved collaboration

Claims handling is a team effort. The new chat feature and document management system pave the way for smooth collaboration.

Simplified API integration

Mavera DSS extends your core systems, working booth stand-alone and integrated. This release streamlines the integration process, enabling seamless compatibility and effortless integration.

Single Sign-On convenience

Save time and ensure data security with Single Sign-On. Access Mavera DSS using a single set of credentials, eliminating the need for multiple logins and streamlining your workflow.

Ready for a new era of claims management?

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