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Hi! Here we gathered some frequently asked questions. Please have a look and see if you find the answer to your question here. Otherwise, you are always welcome to reach out.

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Pilar Cuevas
Support manager

Case management

I have reallocated a colleagues case to myself but the following message appears: “Not authorized”.2021-12-06T10:40:41+02:00

The reason for this may be that you haven´t been authorized to handle the actual type of injury. Turn to a company administrator who can authorize you.

A colleague has resigned, how do I reallocate his or her cases in a speedy way?2021-12-06T10:39:05+02:00

If you are authorized to reallocate cases you can reallocate all the colleagues cases the by using the function Overview. Under the colleagues name you will find all the cases he or she has been assigned. Check the check box field appearing before the case number you wish to reallocate and push the Reallocate button on top.

I cannot close a case2021-12-06T10:36:52+02:00

The reason you cannot close a case may be that the status is Complement requested. Please answer the request for completion with the information that you no longer are in need of an assessment but that you need the medical advisor to sign without an assessment.

I wish to open a case with the status Archived2021-12-06T10:32:32+02:00

Unfortunately it is not possible to open a case with the status Archived.

Delete drafts2021-12-06T10:27:14+02:00

In the bottom of the case view you find the button Delete draft. After that you confirm further up in the case view that the evaluation should be deleted.

I wish to move forward the date of monitoring in cases that are subject to the risk of being deleted2021-12-06T10:24:22+02:00

You can move forward the date of monitoring in several cases at the same time by entering “Overview” and choose the cases in which you wish to move forward the date of monitoring. Then choose the function “Monitoring” and choose time period.

A case has been returned2021-12-06T09:56:54+02:00

If a case has been returned by a medical advisor this may be for various reasons. The advisor may be biased, the assessment should be done within another medical field or by another, more suitable medical advisor.

Move forward the automatically set last date for signature2021-11-25T16:37:47+02:00

If you wish to move forward the automatically set last date for signature please contact us at support@mavera.com

How can I get a case reallocated to me?2021-12-06T10:18:59+02:00

Everyone who are authorized to reallocate internally can reallocate cases within the own department/organization. The function Reallocate is found in the upper right corner of the case view.  If you receive the message “Not authorized” you are welcome to send an email to our support.

I cannot close a case, I receive a message of unsigned assessments2021-11-29T06:03:07+02:00

The reason you cannot close the case or put it under monitoring is due the fact that you have cases with the status Pending case. Please inform the medical advisor to sign without an assessment.

I wish to close a case without obtaining an assessment2021-11-29T05:59:38+02:00

Please inform the medical advisor that you wish to close the case and ask the medical advisor to sign without an assessment.

I wish to open a closed case2021-11-29T06:07:41+02:00

You can always open a closed case as long as it doesn’t have the status Archived. You open the case by using the function Copy evaluation on top in the case view.

I wish to alter Type of injury/compensation basis in a submitted case2021-11-29T06:11:14+02:00

Type of injury/compensation basis cannot be changed in a submitted case. This is due to the fact that different templates are being used depending on type of injury/compensation basis. In this situation you must create a new case to be able to do the alteration.

Add a new question to a submitted case2021-11-29T05:39:37+02:00

If the case is not under status “Case pending” you can use the function Recall evaluation in order to edit your question at issue.

I cannot submit a case with the status Draft2021-11-29T06:27:17+02:00

Please check that all mandatory fields are filled out and that a question is established. Should you still not be able to submit the case – please contact our support for additional troubleshooting.

I cannot put a case on Monitoring or delete a case2021-11-29T06:33:09+02:00

The most common reason for not being able to put a case under monitoring is that there are assessments that are unsigned, either with the status Pending case or Draft.  A pending case must be signed by the medical advisor. A draft must be deleted in order to put the case on monitoring or delete it.

I cannot find cases with the status “Monitoring”2021-11-29T06:35:19+02:00

The reason for this is that the cases under Monitoring are not displayed in the monitoring field before the date of the monitoring is due. Instead you can search with case number in the search field in order to find cases under monitoring.

A case with the status “Queued”2021-11-29T06:13:59+02:00

A case with the status “Queued” means that currently no medical advisor in the chosen medical field is available to do the assessment.


I have just submitted a case and missed to enclose a document2021-12-06T10:46:20+02:00

As long as the status of the case in not Pending case you can always take it back for completion by recalling the evaluation. This is done by using the Recall evaluation button, which you will find in the upper right corner of the case view. If the status is Pending case said option is no longer available. The solution is instead to ask the medical advisor to ask for a completion of the documents. This is done by asking the medical advisor of this via the message board (click on the message icon in the upper left corner of the case view).

Upload new documents in case of a second opinion?2021-11-29T06:12:51+02:00

In the case of a second opinion it is not possible to add new documents. The assessment is done on the same documents as the first assessment.

Documents not possible to scan2021-11-29T06:14:56+02:00

Documents not possible to scan should be sent to Mavera with regular mail. We will then forward it to the medical advisor. The address is: Mavera, Box 16403, 103 27 Stockholm. Please enclose a franked envelope for the return of the documents.

Is it possible to upload a video clip in the system?2021-11-29T06:29:39+02:00

The system does not support uploading of video clips. Instead, please transfer the video clip to a CD or a USB stick and send it to Mavera with regular mail. The address is Mavera, Box 16403, 103 27 Stockholm. We will then forward it to the medical advisor. Please enclose a franked envelope for the return of the material and choose the option “Sent with regular mail” when you submit your case.


Deactivate users2021-12-06T10:42:32+02:00

To deactivate a user, choose Admin, Company/User, Users name, Change, deactivate the Active-button (the button is found under Settings) and then save.

What does the Authorities under User information mean?2021-11-29T06:25:18+02:00

Case admin: Authorized to handle cases

List cases: The possibility to view own cases as well as others cases

Reallocate cases: Reallocate own cases to a colleague within the same organization or reallocate cases of others to oneself

Reallocate cases externally: Reallocate cases outside the own organization

User admin: Register users and authorize users

Template admin: Authorized to establish different questions in Company Information, named Recurrent formulations.

Company admin: Authorized to handle other organizations

Policy admin: Add and remove insurance policies

View statistics:  The possibility to see the statistics of the organization