Information for claimants

If you have an ongoing insurance claim, you might have seen Mavera somewhere in the process and wonder what we do.

Mavera provides insurance companies and legal advisors with a decision support system, helping them process claims and making well-informed decisions. We want to highlight that we do not make any decisions for our clients; we only provide a platform and a network of medical advisors.

Medical Advisory

When handling personal claims, the Claims Adjuster sometimes needs a doctor to give their assessments on the case; that’s called Medical Advisory.

The assessments then support the Claims Adjuster to understand and analyze the medical journals and other materials about the insured’s injury, functions, and capabilities.

The Medical Advisor does not make any decisions; his role is to give advice and help the Claims Adjuster who makes the decisions. It is a must that the Medical Advisor is independent and unbiased to all parties of the case.

Mavera’s part in this is to connect the insurance company with the best-suited Medical Advisor and to make sure that the questions and assessments hold high quality. As we train and compensate the advisors, we act as a bridge between them and the insurance company, ensuring that they never favor an insurance company and are always unbiased.

It is essential to understand that Mavera never influences the doctors; the assessments are only based on the Medical Advisors’ expertise. Having your claim assessed by a Medical Advisor connected to Mavera is a guarantee that it is done independently, with high quality.


If you have any questions about your assessment or the insurance company’s decision, we recommend talking to your insurance company.