Insurtech company Mavera continues to invest in product development and has recently signed Bojan Skrchevski to lead the development of Mavera Decision Support System.

Bojan Skrchevski is a well-known name in the development community with long experience from a vast range of industries and technologies. He has experience in building strong teams and innovative systems at companies like Scania, H&M, and SEB.

I’m excited about this opportunity, Mavera has an interesting solution to a relevant problem space, and I’m optimistic for their future. The company also has a very inspiring culture where I know I can thrive and build a strong team, says Bojan Skrchevski, new Technical Lead at Mavera.

– Recruiting tech talents can be challenging, but here I think we found an excellent match for us. Bojan is very experienced and has a strong drive and passion, just what we need to take Mavera DSS to the next level. I look forward to working with him, says Johan Larsson, CPO at Mavera.