Here are the most important issues for the future of personal claims management

December 16, 2020

By Viktor Norlander

Future of personal claims

Digitization, transparency, and a modern customer experience – these are the most central issues for the future of personal claims management, according to the claims handlers themselves. This is evident in a new survey commissioned by us.

No less than 78% of the responding personal claims handlers agree that digitization is a very important issue for the industry’s future.

  • At Mavera, we are not surprised to see that digitization is considered the most important issue of the future. It is a fact that a big part of the work today, 2020, is still done manually and that personal claims is lagging behind in the general digital transformation. The personal claims handlers are the ones who experience this most in their everyday work. However, what is more, surprising is that AI does not rank higher, but maybe that is due to a lack of insight as to what AI could do for them, says Roine Gabrielsson, CEO of Mavera.

Transparency is the second most important issue according to the personal claims handlers. That involves, among other things, delivering a more reasoned basis for decisions. 69% find this very important. In third place is the question of a modern customer experience, where 68% of the respondents indicate that that is very important. 

  • The fact that transparency and a modern customer experience ranked highly was of no surprise to us either. We see a market in the midst of a significant transformation, experiencing a higher level of commoditization, declining customer loyalty, and new customer expectations. The insurance companies need to be prepared to meet a new kind of customer, who expects a more smooth, modern, more digitized experience. Furthermore, this new kind of customer expects more openness and transparency from their insurance company, be more involved in their claims cases, and fully grasp the reasoning behind the decision. To reorient themselves towards that will be a matter of survival for the insurance companies, remarks Roine Gabrielsson.

AI, artificial intelligence, and the need to attract talent were considered the least important questions for the future, relatively speaking.

The most important issues for swedish claims handlers

About the survey:

The survey was conducted on November 19-27, 2020. In all, 179 CAWI interviews were conducted with personal claims handlers at the leading Nordic insurance companies. One of the questions asked, and which is presented here, was” How important would you say the following questions are for the future of personal claims?”, where the possible responses were: very important, fairly important, neither or, fairly unimportant, completely unimportant, and “Don’t know/no opinion.

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