Fast and accurate claims management

Our cloud-based decision support system improves decision making and business reporting in Accident & Health insurance.

Mavera DSS improves claims handling for everyone

The system improves work for everyone handling accident and health claims. Find out how you could benefit from the system.

Claims Handler

Claims Handler

Process automation provides an overview, notifications and templates to move cases forward, and Decision Support helps make more accurate decisions for this daily user.

Claims Manager

Claims Manager

Oversees the performance of the team of claims handlers. Dashboards offer valuable statistics and reports and the ability to monitor KPIs and manage process optimization.

Head of Claims

Data aggregation produces invaluable insights and industry benchmarks that improve reporting and develop claims operations.

Network Coordinator

Network Coordinator

Gets full control over the network of medical advisors. Crucial functions are onboarding management, task overview, competencies, availability, and performance.

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisor

Incoming requests are well-organized in a clear overview, making it easier to make assessments faster without compromising quality.

Business Development

Business Development

Data and insights produced by the system can be used to strengthen and develop the company’s offering and products.

Improving the claims process – for everyone

Mavera DSS will prove valuable to everyone handling accident and health claims, not only daily users like claims handlers. See how each role benefits from the system.

Get a glimpse of how Mavera DSS works

Take a closer look at the five features that make up the cornerstones of the system; process automation, decision support, performance management, medical advisor management, and business development.

Process Automation

Mavera DSS offers a tailored management tool for investigating and evaluating claims in A&H.

Data powered overview

Reduce time with a smart overview of key information


Remove manual steps and support the user with notifications and templates.


Fast and secure collaboration through encrypted chat and document sharing.

Decision Support

Powered by AI and affiliated medical advisors

Support claims handlers to make well-informed decisions with the help of several prediction models for medical disability, diagnosis, and the need for medical advice.

The system suggests if a case should be sent to a medical advisor or needs extra attention.

Performance Management

Statistics and reports for operational efficiency & business development

By measuring throughput, workload, and identifying trends and signals, the system supports managing a team of claims handlers.

The system also enables the evaluation of medical advisors.

Medical Advisor Management

Get complete control and overview of expert areas and availability, regardless of the size of your network of medical advisors.

New medical advisors can be onboarded just by invitation to the system. All medical advisors can also be evaluated and rated.

Business Development

Business Development

Making smarter decisions through better insights

Collect data from every claim and get well-structured insights and analytics.

The system gives you industry benchmarks and trends to power decision-making and business development.

We’ve got you covered

Data Security

We work proactively with information security and have strict processes for handling sensitive information. We are also licensed with ISO 27001.

Tight integrations

By integrating us into your internal systems, you remove manual steps and reduce the risks for mistakes.

Data Collection

With Mavera DSS, you get structured data from every case.


The system is cloud-based on secure servers in the EU. It holds an uptime of 99,8%.

Support through every step

Supporting thousands of daily users

We have customers all over Europe and hold an NPS at 71

“We get a quick and effective claims process with a cost-effective system. Mavera offers a new and exciting solution that will ease the work for both us and the medical advisors.”

Henrik Fond, Claims Manager Personal injuries
Moderna Försäkringar

“It feels safe and valuable to have Mavera’s support as I make my decisions to the claimant. They support us in making well-informed and secure decisions.”

Hanna Christoffersen, Claims Adjuster Personal injuries
ICA Försäkringar

What can Mavera DSS do for you?

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