Today, insurtech company Mavera launches its solution Mavera Connect, which enables both easier and faster processes for personal claims management. Instead of handling the cases manually in a time-consuming administrative process, Mavera can now offer a digital solution – one that is welcomed by claims handlers.

In order to manage personal claims, the claims handler needs a substantial amount of information. The injured party needs to account for both the injury and the incident itself, letters of authorization may be required as well as medical records – all of which need to be handled safely and efficiently. Today, a large portion of the work is done manually. Too large of a portion according to, among others, The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen), which has pointed out the need for more digitized work processes and to shorten the time for processing. To meet the market’s needs, Mavera now launches a new, additional solution for its existing assessment platform called Mavera Connect.

Mavera Connect offers a solution whereby all necessary information is collected digitally. With it, we can replace the PDF documents that today are sent by mail or e-mail to and from the injured party. Instead, we can collect the information or letters of authorization digitally via smart web forms. These have been developed together with expert doctors within each field to contain the exact information relevant to the assessment at hand, nothing more, nothing less.

We consider Mavera Connect to be our contribution to solving a common problem facing the industry. With it, we offer distinct value to both the insurance company and the injured party. It offers a modern customer experience and a shorter turnaround time while also contributing to less administration and an easier process for the claims handler. At the same time, the insurance company gets access to essential data that can be used for internal assessments, says Roine Gabrielsson, CEO of Mavera.

Mavera Connect is the first step towards Mavera’s vision for a fully digitized personal claims management. More solutions are being developed, some of which involve cutting edge technology in AI and machine learning, and will be launched in the near future.

The end consumers are today very involved in driving the development of the insurance industry. As an industry, we must be ready to meet their expectations and offer a modern customer experience. They expect full transparency, smart systems, and easy access from all devices. Not least, the process needs to be fast. We know that many of our customers have requested this, not least the claims handlers, and we are convinced that this is something they will appreciate and that will facilitate their work, concludes Roine Gabrielsson.

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Roine Gabrielsson, CEO Mavera, + 46 768 78 69 44,