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Personal Claims Handling – the smarter way

We offer an online solution for better personal claims management. Automate your processes with insights, machine learning, and independent medical advisory in Mavera’s DSS.

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The Mavera DSS helps you solve the puzzle

Processing a personal claim is almost like solving a puzzle. You need to collect the pieces, sort them out, maybe ask for help or see how similar puzzles have been solved in the past. Only then can you see the whole picture.

An efficient and unbiased process – from start to finish

A secure system to rely on

The Mavera DSS supports your business in many ways. From the customer experience to increased efficiency and stronger data security.

A modern customer experience

Helping customers in a difficult situation is what insurance companies do. With the Mavera DSS, communication becomes digital and convenient, making a difficult situation less complicated.

Secure and compliant

In a business where you handle sensitive personal data, it can be hard to stay ahead of GDPR and other data security regulations. The Mavera DSS supports a compliant process with all information secured in one place.

Easy integrations

By integrating the Mavera DSS into your internal systems, you remove manual steps and, by that also the risks for mistakes. We offer solid APIs and tight integrations.

Secure data handling

We work proactively with information security and protect the information against intruders. We limit all personal data of the insured to secure servers within EU/ESS.

We have strict processes for all sensitive tasks and are licensed with ISO 27001.

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Mavera ISO Certificate

Want to know more?

Let us help you find out how the Mavera DSS can benefit your claims processes. Get in touch, and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

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