Medical Advisor
Mavera Case

Independent medical assessments

Mavera Case gives you access to our large network of independent Medical Advisors, ready to make medical assessments with short turnover times. All our Medical Advisors are specialists with long experience in their medical field and are continuously trained in insurance medicine. Read more about our advisor network here.

You also get access to our assessment platform for easy and digital case management and rich statistics.

Medical Advisor

Using Mavera Case gives you:

Shorter turnover times

Normally it can take up to two weeks to get a medical assessment; we do it in two days. This gives you fewer open cases at the same time, happier customers and decreased penalty interest.

Reduced staff and administration cost

We recruit and take care of all administration and compensation for the medical advisors; we even educate them and make sure that they are up to date within insurance medicine.

The right specialist – always

Mavera’s advisor network covers more than 50 specialist areas. We ensure that you always have a medical advisor ready for your cases; no more seasonal changes and overlapping vacations.

Rich statistics

The platform gives you insights on your usage so you can identify trends and optimize your business. You can also order tailored reports for deeper analysis.

Increased customer trust

Having your medical assessments done by an external part increases the trust towards your customer who can be sure their case is handled objectively and non-biased.

Medical Advisory – Our way

When handling personal claims, the Claims Adjuster sometimes needs a doctor to give their assessments on the case; that’s what is called Medical Advisory.

The assessments then act as support for the Claims Adjuster to understand an analyze the medical journals and other materials about the insured’s injury, functions and capabilities.

The Medical Advisor does not make any decisions; his role is only to give advice and to help the Claims Adjuster who makes the decisions. It is a must that the Medical Advisor is independent and non-biased to all parties of the case.

You can say that insurance medicine is in the land between medicine and law. It is, therefore, important that the advisor is a specialist within the specific medical field and has adequate training in insurance medicine.

Mavera’s part in this is to connect the insurance company with the best suited Medical Advisor and to make sure that the questions and assessments hold high quality. As we train and compensate the advisors, we act as a bridge between them and the insurance company, making sure that they never favor an insurance company and are always non-biased.

It is essential to understand that Mavera never makes any assessments or influences the doctors; the assessments should only be based on the Medical Advisors’ expertise. Having your medical assessments done trough Mavera is a guarantee that they are done independently, with high quality.

Mavera Platform

A platform for your convenience

Mavera Case makes it easy to send your cases for medical assessments. The entire process is digital and secure to eliminate mistakes and save time. The platform also helps you stay on top of your work providing a structured overview, convenient notifications and insights.

Mavera Platform

Quality is our concern

We believe in high-quality and constant improvements. To ensure that every case is handled by our high set standards we:

  • Perform random controls of cases and assessments
  • Automatic matching of each case to the best suited Medical Advisor
  • All feedback and discrepancies we receive are investigated, addressed and gathered to continuously develop and ensure the quality and minimizing the risk for it to recur.
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Secure data handling

We work proactively with information security and protect the information against intruders. We limit all personal data of the insured to secure servers within EU/ESS.

All access to our platforms requires minimum two-factor authentication. Our service is of course compliant with GDPR.

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