In October 2020 we launched the first version of Mavera Connect as a next step towards completely digitizing personal claims management for the insurance industry.

In order to handle a personal claim, the claims adjuster needs a lot of information. The injured needs to describe the incident and provide documentation such as letters of authorization or medical journals. In addition, everything needs to be handled in a secure and efficient way.

Mavera Connect is the solution to gather all this information; smart, effective and in a transparent way. The era with general forms and scanned documents is in the past, we welcome digital communication and smart forms. Your customers are going to thank you.

From general paper forms… To a digital process.

Times are changing

A new generation of customers

  • The same expectations on their insurance company as on their internet banking or streaming services
  • They Google their condition, draw their own diagnosis, and can easily contact to people in similar situations
  • Demands full transparency, smart systems, and access from any device, anywhere

We must stop sending out manual paper forms

  • A large part of the communication during claims adjusting is still handled with traditional post, phone, and email
  • Free-text forms encourage the insured to add irrelevant information for the adjustment
  • Handwritten – hard to interpret, impossible to get quality data from
  • The process is time-consuming and outdated
    -the customer experience is negative
  • Time is spent administering the manual process
    – keeping track of reminders, PDF-filer, etc.

It’s time for smart web forms

For a smooth collection of information from the injured.

Easy to read and interpret

Time should be spent on making decisions, not interpreting the information.

Only relevant information

The forms have been developed together with medical experts within their field of expertise to extract the relevant information for the assessment.

Efficient communication

The forms are conveniently shared by email or text.

Modern customer experience

The insured can easily fill out the form on their mobile, tablet or desktop computer – completely on their terms.

Quality data

Collected data creates unified documentation for the claims adjusters to make their own assessments based on analysis.

Reduced administration

Save time with automatic reminders and notifications.

Sign letters of authorization digitally

Enable your customers to sign letters of authorization and other documents digitally with BankID.

Mobil med BankID

How it works

The claims adjuster selects the type of certificate or authorization that is needed, and a form is automatically generated.

A link to the web form is shared with the insured by email or text.

The insured verifies their identity digitally and completes the form.

The claim adjuster receives the requested information at once and can continue handling the case.


  • Security with digital identification

  • Automatic notifications and coverage

  • Dynamic – adjusts according to previous answers

  • Possibility to select language

  • User data automatically filled in

  • Self-and disability certificates adapted to injury and pain

Mavera Connect
Mavera Connect
Mavera Statistics

Quality data, Quality decisions

  • By digitizing the communication, valuable data and statistics are gathered
  • With aggregated data, we can offer a collective knowledge base so you can make uniform decisions less dependent on the experience of the claims regulator
  • Make data-driven decisions for, for example, policies, pricing, planning, and reporting
Mavera Statistics

We are just getting started

We will continue to develop Mavera’s assessment platform and will release new features for:

  • Digital journal gathering
  • ”Track my claim”
  • Automatic assessments

Reach out and schedule a demo