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Empower your claims handlers with AI to settle claims faster claims with improved quality.

This changes everything

Settling personal injury claims is challenging and time-consuming, often requiring a review of extensive medical records. Traditionally, complex claims are sent to medical advisors, which is costly and time-consuming.

Mavera DSS enables claims handlers to make confident assessments independently. Using AI, it summarizes medical records and provides a clear overview of the claimant’s medical history in only a few seconds.

With Mavera DSS, claims handlers can quickly decide if they can settle the claim themselves, seek a second opinion, or involve a medical advisor.
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Mavera DSS Summary

Summary & overview

Grasp the claim

Quickly understanding the claim, its complexity, and the claimant’s medical background is invaluable for settling the claim or deciding the next best action.

Mavera DSS provides a quick overview of the claim with a summary of events, a timeline of all medical entries, and highlights the most relevant parts.

Use cases:

Structure & navigation

Find what you need

Creating a structure of hundreds of pages of medical documents can be very time-consuming, and finding specific information later is even harder.

Mavera DSS automatically structures and indexes the information, making it easy to find specific parts. It identifies the content of each page, allowing you to go straight to the relevant section.

With document search, you can find any occurrence of specific words.

Use cases:

Mavera DSS understand

Lists & graphs

Understand the claimant

For complex claims, it is crucial to get a holistic view of the claimant’s health and medical history.

Mavera DSS simplifies this process by creating aggregated lists and graphs of vital information and health markers.

These markers include smoking, weight, risky alcohol use, blood pressure, liver values, PSA values (prostate cancer), platelets, and more.

Use cases:

Reduce the need for medical advisors

Traditional insurance company

Traditionally, insurance companies rely on their most experienced claims handlers to make desktop assessments, mainly for disability claims with lower degrees of disability (up to 5%) within orthopedics and hand surgery. These desktop assessments are isolated and limited to specific cases.

Modern insurer​

With Mavera DSS, claims handlers can confidently make desktop assessments more frequently, even for claims with higher degrees of disability and across a broader range of medical areas.


Assessment support

Let AI support your decisions

Mavera DSS speeds up the review of medical documents by automatically summarizing and presenting the most important information. It eliminates the most time-consuming parts of claims decisions, enabling accurate and efficient decision-making.

Desktop assessment support

Minimize the need of medical advisors

Empower claims handlers to make informed decisions without consulting a medical advisor. The checklist ensures all necessary parts are included and highlights any missing information. Once complete, the assessment is clearly documented in the claims report.