Mavera DSS for health insurance

Ensuring optimal treatments for your customers

Your customers rely on you to secure the best and most appropriate medical treatments for their conditions. The challenge? Determining the most suitable treatment can be complicated. Mavera helps you navigate this complexity efficiently and confidently.
Mavera for health insurnace

Assess caregivers' offers efficiently

We empower insurers to critically assess caregivers' offers, ensuring treatments align with medical necessities, not business motives.

Reduced medical costs and patient risks

By optimizing treatment choices, you reduce overall medical costs and mitigate risks to patients.

Evidence-based audits

Our system fosters a data-driven approach, allowing for comprehensive and evidence-based audits of caregivers' practices.

Control over caregivers' offers

Gain greater oversight of recommended treatments, ensuring they are in your customers' best interests and identify deviations and overall trends.

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How it works

Upload the case to Mavera DSS for an instant, clear overview of the injury, complete with a timeline of all medical events.

Receive AI-based evaluations of treatment offers and whether a second opinion is warranted.

Automatically assign the claim to the most suitable medical advisor, in-house or within the Mavera network.

Based on the medical assessment, you are now equipped to approve or decline the treatment confidently.

Utilize aggregated assessment data for monitoring suppliers, identifying, and addressing patterns in unnecessary treatment recommendations.

Caregiver performance

Caregiver performance report

Obtain detailed insights into caregiver performance. Identify suppliers who often suggest medically unnecessary treatments and take informed steps to reduce costs.
Case review

Recommendations on if a case require medical evaluations

Benefit from AI-driven recommendations for identifying claims that require a medical advisor’s review versus those suitable for desktop assessments.
mavera assign claim to medical advisor

Structured medical assessment process

Automate the assignment of cases to medical advisors and streamline material sharing, ensuring efficient assessments for informed decision-making.

Compatible with both in-house doctors and Mavera’s extensive network.

Mavera DSS medcial timeline

Medical timeline

Accelerate your understanding of claims with Mavera’s ability to organize and visualize medical data on a timeline, tripling your reading efficiency.

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