The story of Mavera

September 7, 2020

By Mario Pereira

Mario Pereira Mavera

Mavera was founded in 2008 by Mario Pereira on the belief that everybody is entitled to fair and efficient claims assessments. At that time, he worked as a claims adjuster, but with his background in IT, he quickly realized how he could make the process faster and more reliable.

To work on his idea full time, Mario quit his job and founded the company Mavera. He continued working hard and found a secure and easy way with a tailored decision support system and network of independent medical advisors.

His first breakthrough came as he presented the ideas for insurance Sweden, which shared his vision. This made him confident about recruiting his first colleagues, building the system, and connecting the first medical advisors. 2010 the first insurance company started to use the solution, and the company has since then overgrown.

Mavera today

Today Mavera is the leading solution partner of decision support for personal claims and has handled over 250 000 cases. Our customers include leading insurance companies, legal representatives, and committees.

We are growing steadily every year, updating our DSS and introducing it to new customers and markets.