What insights you gain from the dashboards in Mavera DSS

February 4, 2022

By Viktor Norlander

Mavera DSS

Mavera DSS is all about efficiency and making well-informed decisions. One application of that is the dashboards, helping the Claims Manager and other stakeholders access real-time information about the process and helping them make the right decisions and optimize their business.

The dashboards are role-based, tailored to display relevant information required for each user.

The purpose of the dashboard is to utilize aggregated data and present it in a way that makes it valuable and clear.

For the Claims Manager

Here we provide an overall picture of what’s going on in the claims departments. The dashboard highlights what the claims handlers are working on and general trends and snapshots. Information that is vital for performance management and business development.

Evaluations by injury types
Allow for understanding how evaluations are distributed over injury types and time.

Disability % by specialist area
Indicates the complexity level and cost for each specialist area.

Disability by specialist area

Evaluations < 5 % disability per claims handler
Indicates the distribution of “simple” vs. “complex” cases for each Claims Handler in the team.

Evaluations 5+ disability

Evaluations requested by claims handler

Evaluation requested by CH

Evaluations by specialist area

Evaluation by specialist area

Average evaluation time
Displays the average assessment time spent in each specialist area per claims adjuster. This can indicate where workload is distributed and point out where combinations might require more time or where combinations are highly efficient.

Average evaluation time

Supplementations requested per claims handler

For the Claims Handler

For the Claims Handlers, we narrow the width to the individual user. These dashboards focus on helping Claims Handlers get overview and information to focus on the most critical cases.

Status updates on current evaluations

Status update

Cases about to be deleted

Evaluations by status

Evaluations by status

Overview of unread messages

Unread messages

These dashboards are available from Mavera DSS Professional Edition. The reports are developed in close collaboration with our customers to ensure they deliver real business value and strive to provide the most relevant information. If you have suggestions on other reports you like to see, please email your ideas to us.