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Handling personal claims is a comprehensive process that must always be performed correctly with great care. Utilizing digital tools and data will make the process more efficient and minimize the risks of mistakes.

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Digitalization is not a trend, but the direction the whole world is heading. The insurance industry is committed to the transformation, but is Personal Claims Management given enough attention? Learn more about the insurance industry under Insights.

4 ways the insurance industry is turning digital

As with everything else in society, the insurance industry will become more digital. We have identified four ways how this transition will happen.

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When automation is NOT the answer

We know that the future of claims management is digital – but – even if you can automate every step of the claims process, you shouldn’t.

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Data vs. Experience

If an AI-bot could review millions of previous cases, find the common patterns and outcomes for every situation, who would you trust the most: a senior colleague or the AI-bot?

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Let Personal Claims Management take a digital leap

Our cloud-based Decision Support System (DSS) makes Personal Claims Management fair and efficient by utilizing AI-technology, creating a transparent customer experience, and enabling independent medical advice.

It also easily integrates into the overall IT-structure and supports a secure and compliant process.

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