The decision support system for personal injury claims

Helping insurers make accurate and efficient decisions

Helping insurers make accurate and efficient decisions

Roine Gabrielsson
CEO at Mavera

Personal injury claims management is complex. So complex and sensitive that it has been relying on manual processes where skilled people dedicate significant time on each case. But, this process is highly inefficient, lacks accuracy, transparency and does not support data-driven business development.

Now, forward-thinking insurers are entering a new era of claims management — one supported by rapid technological advancements and growing data availability. From evaluation to decision, Mavera empowers insurers to settle claims faster with improved accuracy. Without losing the human touch.

Roine Gabrielsson
CEO at Mavera

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“Since using Mavera DSS, we have cut the average number of case touches by 50%. Shorter handling times, more satisfied customers, and internal efficiency gains make it an obvious triple win.”

Oskar Norman, Claims Manager, Sensor Försäkring

Your journey to claims excellence

Join the new era of claims management where technology helps you make decisions that boost customer satisfaction and business performance.

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Process automation

Settle complex claims faster. Remove manual steps and thresholds in the claims process by streamlining cooperation and assignments. Get medical records and patient information structured automatically in a clear case overview. And improve decision accuracy with relevant, highlighted information.

Decision support

Strengthen your claims handlers with AI-powered tips and recommendations for more accurate decisions powered by previous cases and industry best practices. Increase your number of desktop assessments with decision support that’s relevant, secure, and smart.

Business insights

Learn how you can decrease your costs while increasing value. Analyze your data, optimize pricing, and empower product development with insights from your claims. And use the insights to improve underwriting and risk analysis.

Improve claims accuracy

Better balance payouts with improved decision accuracy from the tailored functionality.

Settle more claims faster

Studies show that Mavera DSS helps insurers make claims evaluations up to 50% faster.

Structure your data collection

Get structured data for improved operations and informed business decisions.

Strengthen your security

Remove the risk of data breaches and penalties with a secure system that also simplifies audits.

Discover the new way to manage claims

The insurance industry is rapidly changing. Now, data can be your greatest competitive advantage. See how Mavera DSS empowers you to stay ahead.