Everyone is entitled to fair and efficient claims assessments

Here is how we support well-informed decisions

Medical Advisor

Smart assessments platform

Exchange information with the insured and medical advisors, handle certificates and letters of authorization digitally for an efficient personal claims assessment.

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A Medical Advisor always at your service

We have a large network of medical specialists from all disciplines, ready to give you their assessment in just a few hours. Our doctors are also guaranteed non-biased and assigned randomly to each case.

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Intelligence with 10 years of data

We have handled a huge amount of cases and assessments over the years. Using the collected data we can offer you smart recommendations and quality controls.

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“Mavera’s assessment platform is a blessing for the claims handler’s everyday activities; it is user-friendly and easy to work with. With Mavera we get an efficiently collected overview of the cases, including the case history in a structured format. Mavera does not only provide swift support, but they are also helpful and open to improvements.”

Kristina Löthman, Claims Handler, Moderna

Six more good things
with Mavera

Smooth communication

The platform connects all stakeholders; the claim adjusters, the insured, the medical advisors and enables easy information sharing and communication. This makes the handing faster and more secure.

Only specialists

Our medical advisors are specialists and clinically active in their area and we continuously educate them in insurance medicine.

Constant improvements

Our quality team works proactively to catch discrepancies and improve the assessments. This leads to high accuracy and improved customer satisfaction.

All digital

We eliminate papers and illegible doctors’ handwriting, making every single piece of information accessible for statistics and reports.

High security

The platform is built with high security for every stakeholder making sure that sensitive information is securely managed and secured.

Connections and API

We have an open API enabling integrations to your systems so you can automate and optimize your current processes.

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