Performance management

Optimize your business

Empower your decision-making with comprehensive insights into every aspect of your claims business.

Mavera Performance management

Data-driven decision-making

Mavera DSS equips insurance leaders with deep, actionable insights into organizational performance, enabling data-driven decisions that can improve processes and outcomes.

Operational efficiency

By providing key performance metrics and tailored reports, Mavera DSS helps identify areas where efficiency can be maximized, thus optimizing time and resource allocation.

Performance optimization

Mavera DSS's detailed performance metrics for claims handlers and medical advisors facilitate the management of team and individual performance, encouraging peak productivity and identifying training or development opportunities.

Strategic business planning

The strategic insights offered by Mavera DSS support long-term planning and can guide the allocation of resources, helping businesses to prioritize investments and adapt quickly to changing market conditions or internal dynamics.

Assessments by injury type

Business performance

Discover the health and productivity of your business with key metrics:

  • Frequency of assessments by injury type
  • Disability rates analyzed by medical specialties
  • Volume of assessments within each specialty
Assignments per claims handler

Team performance

Is your claims team performing at their peak? Gain a clear performance overview with essential metrics:

  • Percentage of assessments over 5% disability per claims handler
  • Average time to complete an assessment
  • Requests for additional information per claims handler
  • Total number of assessments per claims handler
Assignments per medical advisor

Medical advisor performance

Identify your top medical advisors – those who consistently deliver swift and accurate assessments and plan for your future need of medical advisors.

Caregiver performance

Caregiver performance for health insurance

For health insurance, understand which caregivers have the highest approval rates and who often requests treatments that are not be medically motivated.

Visual data for immediate actions

Performance snapshots with dashboard in Mavera DSS

Our role-based dashboards provide the head of claims and claims handlers with an instant visual representation of work and progress.


Tailored Power BI reports for strategic insights

Maximize efficiency with custom Power BI reports. These reports can be tailored to deepen your understanding of team and business performance, ensuring optimal time and resource allocation.

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Optimize the claims process with performance dashboards

Data in Mavera DSS enables performance management for optimizations and better time and cost allocations.

Euro Accident gains new insights with Mavera DSS Professional Edition

"Mavera’s network and system make a well-oiled machine. We know the communication between the medical advisors and our claims handlers are handled in a compliant way, which is of great comfort for us to know."

Staying competitive as claims get digital

Innovations in insurance are coming at lightning speed. New technology and startups are emerging. We’re all aware of digitalization.

The future will have winners and losers. And to win the race, companies need to act now.