Medical assessments on demand

Discover the largest network of medical advisors in the Nordics. Ensure you always have a certified specialist doctor ready for your claims.

Fast response

Our standard assessment time is less than 48 hours.

Lower administrative costs

Let us handle everything from recruitment and training to doctor compensation - reducing your administrative tasks.

Expertise in every area

With a breadth of knowledge in common areas and in-depth expertise in niche areas, we guarantee a high-quality assessment every time.

High security

Communicate easily and securely with our doctors through our case management system.

How it works


Each advisor we hire meets our strict requirements and has at least five years of clinical experience in their specialty.


New advisors are thoroughly trained in insurance medicine and receive a mentor during the initial phase.

Secure and smooth case handling

Claims adjusters can easily upload and assign cases or let our system auto-match them to the most suitable advisor.

Doctor's assessment

All necessary documentation is securely delivered, and with the help of AI, a clear overview is created. The doctor can easily interact with the claims adjuster as needed.

Quality and efficiency

Our dedicated quality team regularly conducts control checks to ensure all assessments are carried out efficiently and with high quality.

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What if you could have access to medical advisors for every area without the headache of managing it? Let Claims Specialist Acyif Kassam show you how it’s possible.
mavera assign claim to medical advisor

Analyze and optimize

Which claims adjuster sends the most cases for assessment? What type of injury is most common? Who receives the most follow-up questions from doctors?

The system gives clear insights into your claims handling process for monitoring and optimizing your operations.
mavera claims management analytics

A complete or hybrid solution

Choose between a complete solution or a combination of your internal medical advisors and our network.

Complete solution: Cut administrative costs and leave the entire responsibility for medical advisory to us.

Hybrid solution: Support your internal medical advisors with our network when you need expertise in individual specialist areas or during periods of high workload. Manage your internal doctors in Mavera DSS for a secure and uniform process and consolidated statistics.

How can we help you?

Our medical advisors are experienced, certified, and trained to write assessments in several areas.

Types of assessments
Types of injuries

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