Claims management

Settle claims faster

Bring all stakeholders onto one platform to streamline your claims process. With Mavera DSS, you will experience improved collaboration, a unified process, and enhanced efficiency. Every step of the way.
mavera claims management

Optimize your workflow

Experience streamlined operations with Mavera DSS, automating manual tasks to save time.

Full traceability

All communication, documents, and decision support are handled within the system, leaving a clear audit trail for full traceability and data for further optimization.

Enhanced collaboration

Claims management is a collaborative effort. Mavera DSS simplifies sharing a claim with a colleague or medical advisor for a second review, promoting teamwork and desktop assessments.

Reduced risk

Manual processes carry inherent risks. Mavera DSS offers a straightforward, easily transferable process, minimizing disruption if the assigned claims handler is unavailable.

Dedicated tools tailored for every role

In Mavera DSS, each user is assigned a specific role, complete with matching workspaces and access levels.

The claims handler

Handle claims effortlessly, make desktop assessments, or assign them to a medical advisor for additional support.

The head of claims

Obtain a helicopter perspective on the claims business with our performance management features, identifying areas for improvement.

The medical advisor

Automatically receive and assess claims swiftly, delivering structured assessment reports.

The quality team

Automatically receive claims with suspected discrepancies for swift review and approval.

The network manager

Have complete view and control over the availability and performance of medical advisors.

Support open communication

The messaging features in Mavera DSS foster easy and focused collaboration. Each case has a dedicated chat, allowing claims handlers and medical advisors to communicate and write notes, ensuring everyone is updated on the latest developments.
Mavera DSS Claims Overview

Never lose track of a claim

Seamlessly assign and relocate claims with Mavera DSS, always knowing who is accountable. The system automatically gives a claim to the best-suited user, and you can track its progress between different users.
Mavera DSS notification

Receive timely notifications for required actions

Each claim follows a structured process with expected next steps. Mavera DSS organizes your claims based on their status, and sends email notifications prompting action. Set a claim for monitoring to receive notifications after a designated period.
Mavera DSS Discrepancy

Catch discrepancies before they become problems

Mavera DSS automatically flags any assessment discrepancies, alerting the quality team for immediate review.

Claims library

Easily navigate through your documents

Our Intelligent library doesn’t just store documents; it categorizes them for you. Key information such as document type, creation date, and page count is displayed prominently, enabling quicker document access and faster case resolution.

Get transparent claims reports for enhanced customer satisfaction

The system automatically generates custom assessment reports describing how the assessment was made, what information was used, and what questions were asked.

Share these with the claimant for transparency and customer engagement.

Ensure consistency with harmonized templates

Use injury-specific templates and standardized question types to save time and ensure a consistent assessment process. Our system supports important workflows like unbiased verification and second opinions.

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