Medical network management

Gain control of your medical network

Optimize your medical assessment process! Enjoy seamless management of your doctors and have your claims automatically matched with the right medical advisor.


Streamlined workflows

Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth. Find available medical advisors swiftly and collaborate with ease.

Cost savings

Cut down on medical advisor expenses. With less administrative work, quicker injury overviews, and reliable time tracking, you'll see a notable reduction in costs.

Secured operations

Rest easy knowing that all your communication and document transfers are protected by robust security measures.

Minimized administration

Let the medical advisors update their profiles and availability, cutting down your administrative tasks.


How it works

Create profiles for your medical advisors In Mavera DSS. Tailor their settings and specify their expertise areas.

Allow them to configure their availability, list language proficiencies, and upload certifications and relevant credentials.

Claims handlers can now automatically assign each claim to the most suitable medical advisor.

All communication and documents are shared in the system - efficient, secure, and compliant.

When done, the doctor signs the assessment and reports the time spent.

Management can access statistics on the medical advisors’ performance and review assessments for quality control.

Empowering the network manager

The doctors’ ability to manage their own profiles reduces administrative tasks and offers the network manager unparalleled oversight and control.

Efficiency gains for the claims handlers

With automatically assigned cases and a refined process equipped with advanced case management tools, claims handlers can obtain medical assessments more rapidly and confidently, ensuring no claims fall through the cracks.


Faster assessment times for medical advisors

Unstructured documents and vague queries can waste medical advisors’ expensive time. With Mavera DSS and our assessment support, doctors can efficiently understand injuries, reducing errors and speeding up the assessment process.

Our integrated time reporting ensures focused work and guarantees fair compensation for medical advisors.


Profile pages for medical advisors

All medical advisors have dedicated profile pages. Here, they can showcase their experience, areas of expertise, certifications, language proficiencies, and availability.

This streamlines the search for the right doctor and significantly cuts administrative work managing the network.
Mavera_medical advisor_assignment

Automatic assignments

Our sophisticated algorithm automatically pairs claims with the best-fit medical advisor, ensuring swift and high-quality assessments.

The system allows you to manage multiple networks, accommodating both in-house doctors and external consultants.

Enhancing assessment quality

Elevate your assessment quality through structured reviews. Customize your workflow and set triggers for reviews, such as onboarding new doctors or spotting notable discrepancies between one doctor’s assessments and another’s.

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