Assessment support

Review claims 3x faster

Mavera DSS minimizes the time-consuming work for claims handlers of reading medical documents by automatically summarizing the information in a clear overview.

Mavera DSS Augmented case view

Understand the injury faster

The system automatically organizes the information in a structured overview so the user can read up on the case in less time.

Minimize mistakes

Having all information readily available significantly reduces the risk of overlooking important details.

Enforce desktop assessments

The assessment support enables claims handlers to understand injuries better and settle more claims without medical assessments from doctors.

Build your wealth of data​

The system extracts and anonymizes structured data from every claim for improved business insights and further automations.​

mavera augmented case view
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Settle claims with precision

Mavera DSS swiftly extracts relevant information from medical documents, aiding claims handlers to understand the injury in record time.

Mavera DSS Timeline

A timeline of medical history

Get a complete overview of the customer's medical history in a chronological timeline of all medical events. Each entry includes dates, details, and links to the relevant document sections, enabling swift navigation to each incident.

Mavera DSS library

Structured document library

In the library, you'll find all the documents categorized systematically. The overview presents essential information such as document type, creation date, and page count, enabling the users to navigate the documents effortlessly.

Instant illustration of the injury

Get a visual representation pinpointing where on the body the injury occurred, making reviews faster and more intuitive.

Collecting data from every claim

Mavera DSS doesn't just process and present; it also extracts and anonymizes structured data from every claim. It paves the way for sharper business insights and further process automation.

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Evaluating personal injury claims can be complex and time-consuming, particularly when they come with hundreds of pages of medical records the claims handler must read to understand the details of a case. This is where IDP technology comes in.