Assessment support

Let AI support your decisions

Mavera DSS summarizes hundreds of pages of documentation in seconds, offering a clear overview that enables you to process claims up to ten times faster.
Mavera DSS assessment support

Understand the injury faster

The system organizes information into a structured overview, enabling claims handlers to make quicker decisions.

Minimize mistakes

Having all information readily available and structured reduces the risk of overlooking important details.

Empower desktop assessments

With a clear overview of the injury, claims handlers can settle more claims without needing medical assessments from medical advisors.

Improved collaboration

The quick overviews facilitate better collaboration, making it easier for colleagues to familiarize themselves with a case and provide a second opinion.

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Settle claims with confidence

We revolutionize how claims handlers read medical records by extracting and clearly presenting the most relevant information, making it easy to find exactly what they need.

Mavera DSS medical summary

Medical summary

Gain quick medical insights

The system summarizes key information from medical documents, providing a quick overview of the injury.

Mavera DSS Smart library

Smart library and document search

Navigate documents with ease

Find all documents systematically categorized in our library. Essential information like document type, creation date, and page count is readily available.

Use the search feature to locate specific words, such as body parts, ICD codes, treatments, or smoking references.

Timeline of medical history

Understand the claimant’s history

View a complete chronological timeline of the customer’s medical history. With automatic relevance scoring and filtering, you can quickly find the most applicable events. Each entry links directly to the relevant document sections for swift navigation.

Mavera DSS claims illustration

Injury illustration

Instantly understand injury locations

Get a visual representation pinpointing where on the body the injury occurred for a quick understanding.

Mavera DSS Top entries

Entrie summary

Dive deep into critical entries

Access summaries of the most relevant entries to investigate the claim thoroughly.

Mavera DSS list and views

Lists and views

Access structured key information

The system extracts and presents key information with dates on first and last mentions, relevancies, and links.

Get comprehensive lists of diagnoses, treatments, diagnostics, and more.

Mavera DSS Trend graphs

Trend graphs

Study the claimant's health trends

View detailed graphs of health markers to understand changes in the claimant’s lifestyle and health.

These markers include smoking, weight, risky alcohol use, blood pressure, liver values, PSA values (prostate cancer), platelets, and more.

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How Mavera DSS strengthens the claims handlers' capabilities

Let's look at how Mavera Decision Support System (DSS) can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of personal injury claims handlers.

How AI will make "simple" claims even simpler

Many insurers across Europe use the skills and experience of their claims handlers to settle simpler claims themselves, without the involvement of medical experts. This is what we call “desktop assessments”. And in many markets, this kind of evaluations are on the rise. Why?

Maximizing efficiency in claims with intelligent document processing

Evaluating personal injury claims can be complex and time-consuming, particularly when they come with hundreds of pages of medical records the claims handler must read to understand the details of a case. This is where IDP technology comes in.