Software tailored for personal injury claims

Mavera Decision Support System streamlines claims decisions and enables accurate, efficient, and transparent decisions for insurance companies.

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Software tailored for personal injury claims

Mavera Decision Support System streamlines claims decisions and enables accurate, efficient, and transparent decisions for insurance companies.

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Extend your claims system and gain unique functionality.

Mavera DSS is an extension to your core system, providing extra capabilities for claims evaluation and business insights. The system is tailored for personal injury claims. It supports managing the unique challenges of personal injuries, including a high degree of transparency in the decision-making and simplifying access to medical advisory.

Give your customers more human touch

We understand the importance of the human touch when processing personal injury claims. These claims are sometimes very complex, and the injury can be a trauma for the claimant. That requires the expertise and understanding of a skilled claims handler and medical advisor.

The system does not replace the claim handler. It empowers their capabilities to make accurate decisions. It removes repetitive tasks, enabling more time to focus on what is important. The customer.

Collect data for constant improvements

Mavera DSS helps you collect structured data from every claim. Presented in dashboards and reports, it enables you to improve the process, the team, and the business. The data is also used to train an AI-powered assistant, supporting the decision accuracy.

Our tools

Everything you need in one place

  • Process Automation

  • Decision Support

  • Performance Management

  • Medical Advisor Management

  • Business Development

Process Automation

Streamline claims investigation

Mavera DSS connects all stakeholders and harmonizes communication. It creates a structured process with predefined questions and injury-specific templates.

  • Streamline the process
    The system is tailored for personal injury claims and features specific tools to streamline the process.

    Injury specific templates and question types saves time and creates consistency in the process. It also supports common workflows such as biased verification, second opinions and request for additional motivation from a medical advisor.

  • Read up on each case faster
    A clear case overview allows you to faster read up on each case. The system highlights key-information and you can quickly review documentations and activity log.

    Tight APIs and SSO enables you to automatic transfer information from you core system.

  • Automatic assessment reports
    The system automatically generates custom assessment reports describing how the decision was made, what information was used and what questions were asked.

    Share these with the claimant for transparency and customer engagement.

  • Improve collaboration
    Structure is the first step to efficient collaboration. Mavera DSS also enables you to share a case with a colleague, automatically assign it to an available medical advisor and send messages.

See how we streamline medical assessments

Decision Support

Make accurate claims decisions

We combine data, and medical expertise, supporting the claims handler in decision- making.

AI-based decision support

Give your claims handlers an AI assistant to make accurate decisions in less time. The system uses several prediction models for medical disability and diagnosis to suggest the next action and flag what cases to investigate further.

Connects you with your medical advisors

Secure and effective communication with your affiliated medical advisors is essential for managing personal injury claims. Mavera DSS streamlines your communication, making the process more efficient for both claims handlers and medical advisors.

Use case: How Mavera improves claims decisions

Performance Management

Optimize the process

Get statistics and reports for claims excellence. The system supports managing a claims unit by measuring throughput and workload and identifying trends and signals.

Business performance

For management and product owners, with a focus on claims costs and results. The system provides insights into claims distribution and cost allocation over time and injury type.

Team performance

Understand your team and optimize the process. See, for example, what claims handler requests most supplementations and their average assessment time.

Many insurers have initiatives to empower the claims handlers to make more decisions themselves and reduce the need for medical advisory on less complex claims with a low degree of disability. The dashboards enable you to follow up on these claims and identify where more training might be needed.

Self management

Save time by enabling your Medical Advisors to manage their profiles and availability themselves. That removes lots of emailing and administrative work from the Medical Advisors and the Medical Network Manager.

Follow-up and reporting

Mavera DSS enables better insights to follow-up on the medical advisors’ performance and indicates if some, for example, work slowly, are often asked to clarify their assessments, or frequently miss their deadlines.

Time reporting

The system handles time reporting, ensuring that every medical advisor gets the correct compensation and associates the cost with the right claim.

Medical Advisor Management

Take control of your medical specialists

Giving you complete control over your network of Medical Advisors.

Use case: How to streamline medical advisory

Business Development

Making smarter decisions with better insights

Get structured data for underwriting, pricing, and product development. The system collects unique data from every claim that will enrich your decision-making beyond claims management.

Industry benchmarking

Data and analytics are crucial to matching price and risk. Working with many leading insurance companies enables us to provide distinctive industry insights. All data is washed and merged for our user’s integrity.

Available and secure

Data Security

We work proactively with information security and have strict processes for handling sensitive information. We are also licensed with ISO 27001.

Easy API Integrations

By integrating us with your internal systems, you remove manual steps and reduce the risks for mistakes.

Data Collection

With Mavera DSS, you collect structured data from every case.


The system is cloud-based on secure servers in the EU. It holds an uptime of 99,8%.